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Today on the Frontiers of Management


Let Your Mind Wander

A mental vacation is good for your powers of creativity.


Strategy For and With AI

AI can help you choose, measure, and prioritize the KPIs informing your strategy.


Where China Is Leading the Mobility Revolution

China is taking the lead on developing new technology focused on mobility.


The Future of Customer Service Is AI-Human Collaboration

The future of customer service will allow bots and humans to focus on what they do best. For chatbots and virtual agents, that is handling routine cases quickly and efficiently. For the human supervisors, that is solving more complex problems, using empathy and emotional intelligence.

How Can AI Help Us?

AI Can Help Us Live More Deliberately

AI spares us from many mundane, time-consuming, nerve-wracking annoyances. The problem is, such annoyances play a key adaptive function by helping us learn to adjust our conduct in relation to the world around us. But AI designers can tackle that problem through system enhancements. By incorporating cognitive speed bumps, they can prompt users to engage in reflective thought rather than “outsourcing” cognitive, emotional, and ethical labor to software.

People and Machines: Partners in Innovation

Thoughtful adoption of intelligent technologies will be essential to survival for many companies. But simply implementing the latest technologies and automation tools won’t be enough. Success will depend on whether organizations use them to innovate in their operations and in their products and services—and whether they acquire and develop the human capital to do so.


Dodging Digital Blind Spots

Many leaders lack the skills and mindset to thrive in the digital economy, and mindset gaps create blind spots. It’s difficult to be a great leader when you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s Time to Upgrade


What Should We Do to Prevent Software From Failing?

Frontiers |

There’s no oversight on coders who write critical software that runs key systems. That must change.


If China Reaches 5G First, How Will Countries Compete?

Will Chinese technology companies gain a first-mover advantage in the race for 5G?


Getting Your Employees Ready for Work in the Age of AI

Frontiers |

How can companies and employees find common ground when it comes to skill development for AI?


Digital Operations


Building Digital-Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations

For legacy companies, culture change is often the biggest challenge of digital transformation. How can they become more agile and innovative without alienating their best employees or wrecking their best existing practices? This article provides a framework for leaders in any industry. The process begins with understanding four key values of digital culture: impact, speed, openness, and autonomy. It then involves adopting or refining a set of digital-ready practices, grounded in these values.


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