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Where China Is Leading the Mobility Revolution

China is taking the lead on developing new technology focused on mobility.


The Plight of the Graying Tech Worker

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Tech CEOs claim few job losses when hiring from the H-1B visa pool. That’s not the whole story.


What Cloud Localization Means for Organizations

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Cloud computing with rigid borders and boundaries will become a reality in the near term.


The World in 2030: Nine Megatrends to Watch

Nine fast-moving megatrends are shaping where our world will be in 11 years. From demographics to urbanization to the big one — climate change — and more, the directions we’re heading and choices we make in the next decade will have enormous impacts on our careers, businesses, and lives.

Technology and Global Business


Cybersecurity in an Uncertain World

Is Your Company Ready for a Cyberattack?

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December 4, 2018 | Paul Mee and James Cummings

Increasingly, military-inspired exercises are becoming standard elements of corporate risk mitigation and resiliency efforts. They include tabletop exercises,” designed to help executives envision how they would handle different risk scenarios; “red team exercises,” designed to ferret out weaknesses through contained attacks conducted internally to see how cybersecurity teams respond; and engaging ethical hackers to test the organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

Cross-Cultural Differences


Consider Culture When Implementing Agile Practices

Create harmony between agile and your team’s culture.


The Unique Challenges of Cross-Boundary Collaboration

Leading teams with complicated hierarchies of power demands both curiosity and humility.


Negotiating With Chinese Investors

Chinese companies are increasingly investing overseas — and bring a different negotiating style.



Human Rights

Finding Good News for Human Rights After Khashoggi

October 30, 2018 | N. Craig Smith and Markus Scholz

The room to maneuver on business and human rights has significantly expanded with the exposure of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal death. Companies must take advantage of this moment to prioritize human rights. Now is the time for business leaders and company boards to get on the right side of history — or risk becoming complicit.

The Big Picture on the Global Economy

We Must Keep Globalization in Its Place: The Marketplace

It’s remarkable how many people line up either for or against globalization and then dismiss the other side. Who’s right? Neither. We should all be lining up for and against globalization, to retain what is constructive about it while challenging what has become destructive. We need to keep globalization in its place — the marketplace, where it creates value — while keeping it out of the public space, where it has become increasingly destructive.

Five Insights From Davos on the Future of Work

At the 2019 gathering of the World Economic Forum, much of the conversation was about the need for re-skilling and inclusive education, and the ongoing gender gap in the world of technology. Lynda Gratton, a professor of management practice at London Business School, attended the Davos conference as a steward of the World Economic Forum Council on Work, Education and Gender, and shares her insights from the meeting.